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The EP Energizer Podcast is meant to encourage school administrators to bring a high level of anabolic energy to the important process of staff growth and development. The care you demonstrate for helping your staff grow both professionally and personally will go a long way!

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Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Why is it that we have no problem identifying what someone else needs to change about themselves, but when it comes to the change that needs to occur within ourselves it’s so hard?  Listen as we consider self improvement using the NUDGE formula.

Tuesday Mar 08, 2022

The NUDGE process for employee effectiveness is a never-ending infinity loop.  Why is it never-ending and why must we stand alongside our staff and focus on continuous improvement in this manner?  Simply because change is a constant.  We can’t rest on what we did yesterday if we expect to improve tomorrow.  So as leaders, helping others successfully navigate change and improvement on a daily basis is critical.

Tuesday Feb 08, 2022

When you empower a staff member to make decisions and to get things done with reasonable judgment, you are telling him or her that you trust them, and that you feel they are intelligent and can support their own improvement efforts.  You have thus increased your leadership capacity by strengthening their capacity to grow. 

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

Giving and receiving feedback is the critical work of change.  It’s understanding what needs to change and assisting the educator in determining how the change will occur.  Collaborative professional conversations can lead to grappling with many thoughts and productive struggle, but are so worth it in the end.

Friday Dec 10, 2021

Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA Championship provide an example of how being open to developing and having humility in the present can lead to success.  This segment focuses on the "D" of the NUDGE Formula for Employee Effectiveness - Develop - or developing your staff.

Tuesday Nov 09, 2021

When you are purposeful in your approach to what you expect as a leader and help staff members unpack your success criteria, you set your staff and subsequently your students up for a higher chance of success!

Friday Oct 08, 2021

Nurturing those you lead is an important part of NUDGE-ing their growth.  Listen as we discuss formal and informal strategies you can employ to value and empower your staff.

Thursday Sep 02, 2021

Participating in the growth and development of another person is one of the clarion calls we have as a leader, coach, colleague, or friend.  It’s a delicate process that requires thoughtful contemplation on our part regarding the intended outcome on behalf of the other person.  Sometimes, all it takes is a NUDGE.  This episode will provide an overview of the NUDGE formula for growth and development.

Thursday Mar 18, 2021

Indicators of effective, professional leadership involve being a student of those you serve.  We will discuss how responding to, respecting and appreciate others will help you leave a legacy.

Thursday Feb 25, 2021

Communication and Community Relations have taken on a new importance this year.  Let’s discuss communication and community relations during the pandemic using an acronym we are familiar with: MASK:  M-A-S-K- Message, Articulation, Sensibility and Kindness. 

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